Different Ways to Keep Warm at Home without Turning Up the Heat

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Look, we get it…summer turns to fall turns to winter and the next thing you know you’re paying more in energy costs just to keep from freezing. The snow might be pretty to look at but it’s a real bummer on your wallet and seems like you have very little options but to pay through the nose to stay warm.

Or do you? The thermostat isn’t your only recourse for staying comfy and cozy in the colder parts of the calendar, there are actually a whole bunch of different ways to keep warm without turning up the heat. Sometimes you need to get creative, other times it’s only a matter of opening your closet.

There’s also no denying that some days and nights you will absolutely need to adjust the thermostat to maintain a moderate temperature in your home and we’re not suggesting you avoid doing so on those particularly frosty evenings. We just know that combining some of these helpful hints along with conservative thermostat use will be effective for saving money and staying comfy.

So what are these different ways to warm up your home without turning up the heat? I’m glad you asked.

Layering Up

This alternative couldn’t be any simpler. When the chill sets in, step into your closet and grab a sweater, a hoodie, an extra shirt, anything to put on for that additional layer of warmth.

If and when you feel a little warmer, you just take it off and go about your day. However, if you plan on just sitting back on the couch or your easy chair, grab a blanket and get comfortable. You won’t even need to get up and turn on the heat. You’ll be nice and warm.

Space Heaters

Your heating bills can get astronomical during the winter months, so turning to electricity may be the more economical way to keep your home properly heated. Electric space heaters are a smart, low-cost alternative to using your thermostat.

They’re also a convenient way to heat up any room in the home as you can literally find a wide array of sizes from which to choose. Just walk into any hardware or department store and compare the different sizes and capabilities that are available.

Smaller portable units are easier to place anywhere in the house while the larger versions are a lot more energy efficient all while making the room easy to live in.

Outdoor Warmth

Some homes are easily heated using that great big ball of gas in the sky, the sun. Sunlight can be one of the most reliable methods for heating your home. All you have to do is open your window coverings when the sun comes up and let the sun shine on in.

As the day goes by you’ll notice the sun moving away from your windows and you can then shut your curtains, blinds, or shades to hold the heat you’ve captured inside of the room. The obvious benefit of the sun overhead is that it’s an entirely cost-free source of heat with the only drawbacks being a potential fading of certain items in your home that are in the path of that direct sunlight.

You may want to rearrange the room to protect those things that can get easily damaged by the sun’s constant rays over the course of the day.

Baking Your Way to Warmth

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to enjoy some warmth from your kitchen. You can throw a frozen pizza in the oven at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes and you’ll already begin to feel the temperature around you rise ever so slightly.

But when you’re done cooking and you take the pizza out of the oven, don’t shut the door. Leave it open instead and let all that warm trapped air emanate out and into the room. Some condos and apartments have the kitchen located right next to a dining room or living area and you can heat those regions of the home easily through this method.

Propane Alternatives

Instead of your thermostat or even the electric wall outlet you can turn to propane as a cost-conscious and healthy way to heat your home. This cheaper heating alternative runs cleaner than regular heating oil and it’s more energy efficient to boot.

Just get yourself a propane tank and sign up for a bulk propane delivery service that can arrive at your home whenever you want it to arrive.