Keeping Your Shed Neat and Organized

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Owning a storage shed allows you to have more space for the items that you keep outside and the items that you don’t have room for in the home. However, if you can’t find the things that you need inside your storage shed, then it’s not going to be beneficial. Before you begin adding items to your shed, there are a few tips that you can use to organize your belongings.


You can get hooks of all sizes at most hardware and retail stores. A pegboard is an option for the hooks that you get, but you can also install hooks on a sturdy wall of almost any outdoor sheds that you are interested in purchasing. Hooks can be used for keeping water hoses sorted as well as other hoses that you have in the shed. They can also be used to hang shovels and other tools that have a handle on them. 


A hanger can be installed on a wall of the shed for tools that include shovels, rakes, and hammers. You can get hangers that are in various sizes and that are adjustable depending on the size of the items that you need to hang. This helps to keep your doors free so that you can easily get inside the shed. Another option is to put the hangers on the back of the door so that you can use the wall space inside the shed for other items. 

Shelving Units

From tall shelving units to shelves that you install on the walls of the shed, this is an investment that you want to make. An open shelving system will allow you to better see the items that you have on each shelf. Putting shelves on the walls allows for more space on the floor of the shed. The shelves that you install should be strong enough to hold all of the tools and equipment that you want to store without the units falling down. Boxes and items that are an odd shape work well on shelves as well as bags of dirt and things that might make a mess if they are left on the floor. 

Bins For Organizing

Metal or plastic bins are good to have in your shed as a way to sort the smaller items that you store. You can keep everything from flower pots to work gloves in the bins. An idea to keep everything sorted would be to color code the bins based on what’s inside or to put labels on the outside of the bins to easily see what they contain instead of searching through all of them. 


You will likely have several items in your shed that have metal on them. If you don’t want to nail shelves or other storage options on the walls, then consider putting a magnetic strip on one wall. Small tools can be held in place because of the metal on them. This is an option for trowels and shears that are lightweight and that don’t seem to have anywhere else to go in the shed.